I Can’t Spell Patience Without Paint

I’m no Confucius, I’ll happily cop to that but the experience painting my very first mini from a collection that I’ve been putting together for too many years was joyous, cathartic and relaxing. If you’ve looked at my twitter or read one of my recent posts, I may have even mentioned it on the podcast, I have been eagerly awaiting the U.S. release of Star Wars: Legion. I wanted to start my path on learning to paint with the release of the set but as with most things I get excited to start something new and it’s hard to wait around just staring at my nicely set up table not getting used. I started going through my minis like I’m sure most people with any sort of collection enjoys doing on occasion and found several primed and waiting pewter figures from a campaign we started years ago. As they can do that group petered out and didn’t continue but I always planned to still go through and paint the figures. Today I got a wild hair and decided I’d get a little practice in before Thursday, figure out good light placements and arrangement for my stuff as I’ll hopefully be filming my learning as I go.

Well, as it happened that little bit of practice escalated and in the span of a few hours I have a completed painted mini sans the finished base which I’ll do as soon as I pick up some appropriate litter, grass and rocks for it. I’ve also been watching a lot of TheTerrainTutor so the prospect of doing a fully realized base for this figure is very exciting. Now, let’s get to what you’re all obviously here for, pictures!

I’ve set up an account at Imgur where it should be easier to look through the pictures. Unfortunately WordPress’ document formatting with images is uh… limited. Either that or I’m not nearly as smart as I think I am. Little of both probably. Anyways, pictures!

I had a really great time painting the mini and I’m stoked to do more. Unsurprising I think to most people is that it was simultaneously easier and harder than I thought it would be going in. I figured I’d get held up just doing the skin parts, not be happy with my paint consistency, color choices or what have you. Piece by piece though it came together and almost before I knew it I was done or at least just touching up little problems here or there. It’s almost silly to think about all the excuses I’d made to not get started on these sooner ultimately all just procrastination of some form of another. Well, no more!

Soapy and I have another podcast scheduled for this Thursday, I think we’re at least a couple ahead now for safety because life can be a bit unpredictable. Once we have a bit of a buffer and a regular schedule we can keep to I’ll start releasing them a bit faster so we can get caught up. Otherwise the fun will continue later this week for now, thanks for joining me and have a wonderful day!


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