The Ourcast Podcast

Update 4/6! – Click here for the update post!

The Ourcast Podcast features two friends and their journey through the creative process. The ups, the downs, the weirds and everything else in between. We don’t necessarily know where it’s going but we invite you to come along with us and find out!

The editing is uh, mostly non-existent but I will get better at that. I’ll balance it as well as I can, being a novice you’ll have to bear with me and as always if you have any helpful tips with a minimum of expletives I’ll happily take it!

Thank you!

  • Non-Washable & SoapBubbles

Episode 1 – Introducing SoapBubbles and Non-Washable (1:17:58)

Episode 2 – Whats Love Got To Do With It? (1:21:51)

Episode 3 – One Year Later, We’re Back! (1:09:07)

Episode 4 – Back in the Groovier (1:04:01)

Episode 5 – The Road to Tomb Raider (1:03:01)

Episode 6 – Mona Lisa Smiled (1:14:34)

Episode 7 – James Cameron and D&D (122:50)

Episode 8 – Avengers: Infinity War! (2:17:50)