As I mentioned in my second post I am Non-Washable and this is my blog with a yet-to-be-determined-for-certain aim. I mostly know what I want to do but as with most of my projects I have yet to lay down any concrete rules for myself, nothing too serious though, only things like a publication schedule, content or even the scope of my focus.

I know for most people these things would be pretty fundamental before an undertaking like a blog especially if I want to have even a remote hope that the folks who visit once will decide they want to come back again. I do things a little fast and loose which unfortunately try as I might seems to be a habit that I can’t break. For now I’m going to just try to live with that and push through it, for you dear reader, always for you.

If my moniker on this blog is any indication gaming will probably be featured prominently in my writing and rightly so since it has played such a central role in most of my life.

I’ll probably touch on this in a future post but I don’t want you to think that this blog is me seeking validation for my life choices, it isn’t. I don’t consider myself a part of some oppressed underclass of gamers who have just recently be granted access to sunlight and upright posture. It’s simply a hobby of mine that I enjoy greatly and it’s one that I love sharing with friends, family and even the wide world of strangers out there.

My loftier goals aside I hope at least to start this blog will be entertaining. If I can achieve that then it was a success.

Anyways, moving on. This is supposed to be about something, right?

In the last decade or so the Gaming Industry has really come into it’s own in a myriad of ways and I’ve enjoyed the ride immensely but even so there’s still something that feels off when you tell people that you are passionate about gaming, especially when that passion is not accompanied by a tangible talent (I’ve been told that High Scores and a sweet K:D ratio don’t count.). I don’t do 3D modeling, I can’t code as well as I’d like and really don’t have the motivation to fight my way through until I am proficient at it, also I can guarantee that I wouldn’t take too well to the soul sucking reality that is game testing, so that’s out.

You know what I like? Ideas. That’s right, I like thinking about things and when I find something that I really like to think about I will ponder on that thing for days or even weeks until it’s nearly it’s own reality inside my head.

At some point or another we’ve all had those conversations while sitting around with our friends where one stupid comment gets turned into an in-depth discussion that eventually balloons out of proportion until someone utters the phrase, “We should totally do this.” Even if these conversations happened years ago you can bet that I still think about them and that they have continued to grow. It’s my addiction and so far I have yet to mold it into the vague shape of something I can truly be proud of.

This blog is an attempt to finally do that. For better or worse it’s time that I stop keeping this stuff to myself and instead start inflicting it on all of you.

At my core I am a gamer, for all the positive or negative things that says about me it’s who I am and I truly love it for more reasons than I can adequately express. From time to time I try, usually in the shower or at the urinal when I’m sure no one is around.

Guess that’s all for now,


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