Friday Update and Housekeeping

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a good Friday and are excited for the weekend to begin! I know not everyones week works the same and if you aren’t starting yours right now rest assured this message is meant for you as well, I hope your weekend arrives quickly and lasts for what feels like a lifetime.

So what is going on this week? Not a whole lot, I’ve been on vacation in Florida which means a lot of sun, socializing and eating out. I didn’t set aside quite as much time to write as I would have liked but I think I did okay with a couple of posts, I don’t think I’m really counting this housekeeping posts though as this is mostly going to be akin to my visit to a non-denominational confessional. A personal way to be accountable for the things I’ve said I would do and  for whatever reason have yet to get to, I was always taught the value of redundancy so theres no reason to quit now.

First thing thats up is the podcast which was supposed to go up yesterday, unfortunately where I am staying has surprisingly awful internet that seems to seize up midway through trying to upload almost anything. Even something as simple as getting pictures off my phone and onto my Google drive has me staring at progress bars with a level of skepticism I haven’t felt since the early 90s. So I’ve resolved to just stop fighting it and I’ll upload episode four when I’m safe back at home on Saturday evening, apologies for that but I swear to god it’ll be up on time next Thursday come hell or Floridian internet.

I am excited to sit down and watch my first video game movie to start off my retrospective on the industries history with the silver screen which requires me to choose what I’m watching first. Fortunately as always the Hollywood rumor mill is there for me and after reading this I’d say the decision has been made so I’ll be starting with Dwayne Johnson’s 2005 masterpiece, DOOM. It sort of makes sense since I was a huge fan of the most recent entry in the DOOM series from 2016 and am anxious to hear about the inevitable sequel which will hopefully be announced in some fashion at E3 this year.

Naturally being out of state meant that I wasn’t able to do even a little bit of painting this week so I’m also really antsy to get back to that, I should have an update or two to post by Tuesday or Wednesday after I get back. On the subject of minis and painting I also came across something called Fallout: Wasteland Warfare which I think is based on a mildly popular video game IP. I’m not sure I could have envisioned of a worse thing that could have released so close to Star Wars: Legion if I had tried. I have no clue about the system the game operates on or anything beyond the fact that the minis themselves look fucking awesome. I’m doing my best but I’d be lying if I didn’t say you could probably be fairly sure those will show up mixed in with my Star Wars minis at some point in the future.

Moving on!

You know whats better than one of my favorite genres and getting stuff for free? When you can get something in the Cyberpunk vein for absolutely free via the fantastic folks over at Humble Bundle. I haven’t played it yet so I can’t give it any level of a recommendation beyond the most important: FREE. Satellite Reign is a Cyberpunk themed RTS that if for nothing else has at least piqued my interest, if it does the same for you then go grab it and while you’re there maybe look around and spend a few bucks… for charity. If you’re human and despise cancer, especially the kind children have, you may also want to check out a game called I, Hope the proceeds from which Kenny Roy the developer is donating to Game Changer Charity. Something I think we can all agree is a worthy cause especially when we also get a fun little game out of it for our ever expanding backlog. Lastly if managing a cemetery or at least the very least simulating that experience has ever been on your list of life goals have I got just the thing for you, Graveyard Keeper. Lazy Bear Games has seen fit to devote their time to filling this until now under-served demographic of gamers and while it isn’t out yet I think it’s definitely something to keep an eye on, it’s due out sometime in 2018.

I also ran across a story about an Ohio College who is offering an e-sports scholarship for Fortnite players. Weird as it seems I think that is kind of cool and assuming it doesn’t tumble into the same shady exploitation schemes of other collegiate leagues, which I’m sure it will, I can see this being yet another avenue for more kids to get into college to make sure that they have a background they can draw on after their time in e-sports. Either way it goes one of the most interesting things in gaming for the last decade or more has been the evolution and general acceptance of e-sports. Seeing ESPN report on it and this most recent partnership between Kotaku and Deadspin to report on the various e-sport leagues still blows my mind.

I think thats all I’ve really got for this Friday wrap up and I can see the general format of these posts changing a bit from week to week as I sort of figure out how exactly I want them to be. I hadn’t intended to do anything like this at the beginning but I’m starting to think it would be helpful as a way to clear out stories and tidbits that don’t really require their own posts but that I still have sitting in my bookmarks.

What say you? Yay or Nay to this being a regular thing?

Till next time, happy gaming!

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Stormtrooper: Now With Layers!

Before leaving on vacation I did a little more painting and got started on my practice with layering. A poor choice at the beginning had me doing more layers to bring it up to a clean white than I had originally wanted but you live, you learn.

I’ve largely accepted that the first few squads I paint up for this game will probably end up being re-done or at the least living as monuments to the trials of my learning curve. Either way it’s been fun to continue learning, especially with the help of @GorillaBrush on Twitter. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out on a couple of his Sunday streams and he’s been a great resource. I encourage anyone looking to get into the hobby to look him up.

I’m on vacation this week so I wont have a chance to paint more till I get back but I will be putting up posts here and probably tweeting about god knows what because that is what I do these days. My grudging existence on that platform has yielded communication with some pretty awesome people thus far so it has that going for it. I’m slowly warming up to it but it’ll be a long haul.

Anywho, I’ll be back Monday or Tuesday with another post, until then I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Friday Updates and General Housekeeping

First off, I hope everyone is having a good start to their Friday! Sadly around where I am it’s freezing because of the hurricane that is currently blowing through. Did I ever mention how much I love spring?


What’s going on with you today? Let me know!

For me just tidying up some small things I’ve been meaning to get to, lets get started!

The landing page for the podcast is here in case you’re bored or just miss us. We certainly miss you. Also starting next week we will begin uploading episodes every Thursday morning at ~7am CST. While we were recording yesterday I decided that we’d earned it as we have kept to our every Thursday recording schedule for the last month which is a not insignificant milestone for us. That small investment is worth it I think and we now have four episodes waiting to be posted which is enough of a pad to account for any unforeseen speed-bumps. SoapBubbles will be on vacation in Paris next week which means she’ll be on hiatus from her regular history updates, HOWEVER! It does mean the return of her daily location posts while she’s there. I highly recommend her last series of travel logs if you haven’t seen them already. Hopefully she has a great time and we’ll certainly talk about it on the podcast when she gets back. The following week I will be in Florida and while I wont be doing a travel log I will still hold to my update schedule here with three or four posts. We won’t be recording new podcasts those weeks but like I said we have a backlog so that will help us close the gap a bit, optimally I think we’re aiming to have a one week buffer going forward.

So look for new episodes on the 12th and 19th! When we get back we’re excited to talk some MCU in preparation for Infinity War as well as our normal chat to catch up.

We’ve also set up an email address for the show just in case, it never hurts to be proactive.

If you want to submit questions, comments or suggestions feel free to email us at We can also be found on Twitter: SoapBubbles is @Sophycles and yours truly is @NonWashableGmer.

I also updated the podcast page with a bunch of relevant information as well as links to our individual blogs. I’m sure there are a lot of basic informational and customization options I’m missing but it’s a process and I’m learning as I go!

For this weekend I’ll be getting together with some friends to play some of the X-Wing Miniature game which should be a blast. The rest of Saturday will be writing and hopefully a little painting. Sunday I’ll be stopping by GorillaWithaBrush’s twitch stream to see what a good mini-painters work looks like. I recommend stopping by if you’re even remotely interested in the hobby, he’s a hell of a talent.

I think that’s about it, I want to say thank you again to anyone who has taken the time to peruse our content or listening to our podcast. It’s been a real joy for the both of us to just produce stuff that we’ve always talked about but for one excuse or another we’ve never gotten around to. At the end of the day for us it’s less about what it could possibly be and more about just enjoying what it is at the moment. I think a lot more fledgling creators could benefit from a slightly shorter view when they’re starting out. The totality of your ambitions can be quite daunting but working on a single idea for a post tomorrow is a much more reasonable goal.

Until next time folks I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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