One Piece at a Time

In an ongoing rally between myself and my good friend SoapBubbles we’re making a concerted effort to boost each others productivity in our various projects. We’ve talked about this in parts during some episodes of The Ourcast and I encourage you to check them out if you have an hour or so to kill and don’t mind two people talk about their lives and futures. We’re not sure where our respective futures will take us but we do know that we want to spend the rest of it creating things for ourselves and others to hopefully derive some joy. We each have documents set up on our Google Drive’s where we can write suggestions for things to help inspire the other to write, it’s not that we don’t have ideas of our own but sometimes it helps to have others expand the scope of your attention.

Immediately after we decided to start doing this Soapy had a list of five or six things up that I need to start working through ASAP. I’m excited to start writing about them and already have the outlines started for a couple but first I just wanted to throw this up because the more I think about it the more important it is that I write down more of my thoughts instead of internalizing them. Otherwise what’s the point of having a blog? A podcast? A Twitter? YouTube? The most challenging thing of this entire endeavor, going back a few years to when I first set up this blog or really became enamored with even trying it is that externalizing all of this doesn’t come naturally. I’m used to having my thoughts on my own, some of them warrant discussion but most of them I consider to not be worth holding on to. If I’ve had that thought surely someone else has had it as well and enunciated it better than I could have anyways, right? The internet is a supremely powerful tool which allows us to find a viewpoint on any opinion we may have or ever have. Over time I’ve discovered that concept can be poisonous to the very nature of creativity. The urge to be standout and unique in the things you do is overwhelming even in the face of it’s near impossibility, that isn’t any reason to not try but it’s also absolutely no reason to not try, either. So with that creative hurdle somewhat cleared and instead just bouncing along dragging behind me like an anchor occasionally catching on some reef or an old sedan, the next one is a matter of habit. Throughout every day, every thing I think or look at and have an opinion on now needs to clear an additional filter before leaving my thoughts forever. Is it worth it write about this? Does anyone care? Do even care? I still don’t have concrete answers to any of that but I guess like with most things this too will become easier with practice, for now I will write about whatever I get my grey matter on and go from there.

In addition to writing regularly and overall writing more this next week will mark the start of another project I have wanted to get into for some time: Model painting. Specifically minis for games like Dungeons &  Dragons, minis which I have had for well over a decade in some cases, always well meaning about getting around to them but we know how that goes. painting_table

Barring a couple of items this is the setup I’ll be embarking with to learn from the ground up how to paint my mini collection and if everything goes well I’ll be sharing that journey on YouTube through a series of videos. Naturally I’ll post updates about that to this blog as I go as long as things I’m working on that don’t fit into the videos. The first set of minis I’m going to be painting will be from the new game by Fantasy Flight called Star Wars: Legion which I’ve been excited for since it was announced over a year ago, it releases this week on the 22nd. A man who goes by Game Methuselah, or Jim Murphy (Great name, especially after seeing Netflix’s Altered Carbon), recently started his own channel to talk about various table top games, concepts and do videos on model painting. As a Golden Demon Award winning speed painter it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to learn along with him as he ventures into his own new realm of YouTube content creator. He’s a fantastic resource and I encourage everyone to head over and give him a listen! Another resource I’ll be taking advantage of on this path of learning is Sorastro’s Painting guides, specifically the ones on SW: Legion. I’m sure my final product wont be anything up to his standard but they are exceptionally informative which is helpful for a newbie like me. Also, even if you aren’t painter yourself there are just straight up interesting videos to spend a little time watching. Anywho, I’m not what you would call naturally talented at these kinds of artistic pursuits but in one of his recent videos Jim made an excellent point that neither was he until he spent time learning it. Now or never then!

The next post will be on one of the questions SoapBubble was nice enough to provide me with and will naturally be gaming related. She’s given me several fantastic topics to mull over but in the course of writing this I think I’ve decided to tackle the first on the list, has a nice symmetry being that this week will include several firsts.

Is there a game developer that you trust explicitly and will always play their IP’s no matter what? Alternatively if there is no such developer, what are some that have lost your trust and require scrutiny before purchasing?” 

I’ll be organizing my thoughts on this over the next day or two and get it posted shortly after, hope you are well and I’ll be back to talk to you again soon!

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