It’s Been a While

And who’s fault is that?

Mine. Entirely mine.

BUT there is some exciting news on that front and it is… well, I’m posting this so it should be fairly self evident. I have things to say and lately I’ve been itching for a place to say them.

Conveniently, me from 2014 set up this blog in case of just such an occurrence so here I am to make use of it! I re-read the first few posts I made on this blog and surprisingly they weren’t as lame as I remembered them being, which is good. That means I don’t regret doing it in the first place which merely leaves me with the regret that I didn’t post more in the interim.

Ah well, the past and all that so it’s time to move on.

A friend had a great idea a while back that we do a podcast together as a creative outlet, much like our respective blogs and since we recorded the first episode I’ve been really jonesing to do more. Writing I think no matter your talent level takes a bit of effort and doesn’t always flow as smoothly as a conversation that has found an almost musical tempo. There is a lot of temptation to edit and fiddle as you write whereas a conversation, like a river, generally flows in only one direction. Its a living thing that moves inexorably forward whether you want it to or not. This can be both good and bad but so far my experiences with this friend have yielded nothing but a white water rapids like deluge of ideas and fun. Like a garage sale of our individual subconscious. We root around and pluck out interesting things, turning them over in our hands and making a purchase or placing them back carefully on the outline left in the thin layer of cerebral dust where they came from.

Time permitting I crave the opportunity to once again put up my “Sale Here” sign and sit back while people barter for my long forgotten wares. A chance to clear the cobwebs and let new and strange ideas take root in their place. At any rate for the time being we have the first episode done and I will get around to posting it once I can make sure my extremely amateur audio mixing abilities haven’t left it garbled beyond comprehension, any more than our actual vocalizing has done. Fingers crossed and time permitting a second episode will be forthcoming… soon.

Lastly there was a piece of gaming news this past week which I would desperately like to talk about because I find myself unreasonably excited about it.

The Nintendo Switch.

Till next time!

– Non-Washable

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