How Do We Start This Off?

Introductions? Introductions.

Hi, I’m Non-Washable. It’s nice to meet you.

PHEW! That was nerve wracking, but we got through it.

Alright, fine.

At this point in the life of the blog I suppose I’ll have to supply both sides of the conversation, I’ll use a little shorthand so this doesn’t get out of hand and by shorthand I mean I’ll just ask myself questions I think are relevant.

Are you ready?

I am.

What the hell is this place?

That is a fantastic question and in time I’m sure that I’ll have something approximating an acceptable answer, unfortunately for now I really don’t know. This blog will hopefully serve as motivation for someone like me who is a terminal procrastinator, chronic project starter and all around lazy bastard.

It’s harsh but that’s the truth for you. I don’t like those things about myself and have spent many years trying to correct them with varying degrees of success. I generally haven’t tried in front of an audience, pretend or otherwise, so this will be uncharted territory for me.
I want this to work, I want this project to live past it’s normal life expectancy and in the coming days, weeks and months we’ll all have front row seats at a show called, The Results.

Don’t worry, I can almost guarantee it won’t be sold out.

Who the fuck are you?” 

Great question! One I answered, in part, but still great.

For now I’m Non-Washable and as for the greater story about who or what I am that will probably get told in bits and pieces during this grand journey, for better or worse, so hang in there.

Is this gonna be one of those introspective blogs filled with opinions and feelings?

No! Well, yes but more no. This isn’t going to be some sad parade about my life where I write my own little self-help book one, “Your deadline is approaching!” email at a time. I’m sure there will occasionally be posts about off-topic or un-fun(nny) things because that’s life and I wont promise here or anywhere else that I’ll avoid those subjects for good.

As for the opinions that is most likely a big fat YES because lets be honest, as far as you know I’m human and if there’s one thing we humans do well it’s have opinions about anything and everything. More than that we like to share them and if most of the blogs I’ve visited are any indication it’s even more fun when it makes people irrationally angry at you.

I certainly hope that I dont start this off by making anyone angry but I’m entirely prepared for that to happen (I have a stuffed animal and everything.) so all I can do now is write and hope for the best.

Okay. What is this stupid blog about then?

I suppose you are right and I should take a moment to shed some light on what subject(s) those opinions might be aimed at, as the name of the blog suggests probably gaming. I know, I know, how many more gamer blogs do we need? Probably none, but this one is mine and gaming is something I love in all forms and with the encouragement of friends (and my ego) I have decided to write about something for which I am passionate.

P.S. I considered a blog about sex, because I am also passionate about that, but believe me none of you want to see that become a reality. It’s in your best interests to make sure this one doesn’t fail. Now who’s under pressure? Not me!

Are you just gonna link content from other sites with some snarky commentary and hope we don’t notice you aren’t doing any real work?

I certainly hope not as running a blog just for the purposes of posting click-bait seems incredibly boring and is not at all why I am here, slaving away over this keyboard. I like to create things and for anyone who is similar I hope you will agree that the only thing more fun than creating things is sharing them.

I have no idea if the things that I write or create here will end up being interesting, comprehensible or even good but at it’s base level this experiment is about growing past that and the only way to do that is jump right in.

I don’t really have any other questions, would you like to say anything else?

If you got this far then that’s a good sign, right? Thanks for sticking it out.

If it was totally by mistake then well, thanks for skipping to the end first before re-evaluating your life choices.

If you don’t know what you’re doing here, I honestly can’t help you.

I guess now there’s nothing left to do except get started.

– Non-Washable

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